Guaranteed coverage for your press releases for a fixed monthly fee

Our Guaranteed '6' Service

If you are looking to get extensive coverage within both the printed and online media for a fixed monthly cost, our Guaranteed '6' Service is just what you are looking for.

This service will GUARANTEE editorial coverage in a minimum of six printed publications per press release, which is the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM amount of coverage you would receive.

This is in addition to any on-line PR entries that a press release receives. Current press releases are typically generating 8 to 20 online entries, all of which are being viewed by the online readership. In addition, all online coverage helps to increase client internet search engine visibility, and any inbound links to the company website from this coverage, helps to increase the overall search engine ranking for their sites.

Client results on this package

Although the six printed entries per press release is the absolute minimum you would receive, we would expect to easily exceed this. Clients on our guaranteed coverage package during the past three years have averaged in excess of 11 entries per press release in the printed media with an average estimated equivalent advertising value rate of £8900 per press release. In addition to this, each press release has also averaged 14 online entries on different commercial websites.

* As a full commercial press cutting service was not included as part of this package, this coverage is only from publications seen by our agency. There will undoubtedly be more items published that we have not seen, making these figures even more impressive

All budgets catered for

Packages are available to suit all budgets, contact us for further details.