Our job is to make your life easier

One of the things we hear on a regular basis from new clients is that they have used PR companies before, but they just didn't have the technical knowledge to write concise, informed articles. Client's invariably ended-up writing the article themselves leading them to ask the question "Why use a PR company at all?"

We believe we're different

With over 30 years experience in writing on a whole range of industrial and technical subjects and being engineers by trade, we we expect to be able to draft a press release that covers client products and services in a language that the trade press editors understand.

Our services are typically tailored to small to medium sized companies, perhaps where just one person has been dealing with the company marketing, and could do with some help.

It is our job to make your job easier!

To write a press release, all we require from you is some brief information on the subject matter which can typically be obtained from some product literature or brief phone call. This would be enough for us to be able to produce an initial press release draft for client comments/approval. It is very rare that there are too many modifications are required, meaning that client time spent on the exercise is minimised.

We will then create a list of journals to circulate the press release to from our media database, and the client can of course add and specific titles not included. Once again, our years of experience over a whole range on industries means we can easily recognise the relevant journals for press release subject matter. In many cases, we include a subject area that the client company may not have thought relevant before, and this can open-up a whole new range of potential customers. We've heard many stories where clients have sold products to areas of business they hadn't considered important to them before, including one initial order in excess of £200,000.

Whatever type of promotion you are looking for, our aim is always to take the burden off you and make your like easier.

Over 30 years in the marketing industry hopefully shows we know what we're doing and remember,

We're here to help!